Out of the Abyss

Freedom... and Death

The past few hours have been some of the most harrowing of your life.

Your mismatched group crept slowly out of the caves until you reached the first stalactite tower. Seeing three drow within, you rushed them with your improvised and stolen weapons and a pitched battle ensued. Erdan mounted a table. Elanelis flipped over it deftly, only to comically miss. But as soon as it was clear that your team would defeat them, the drow in black-gilded armor fled. But by the time he had fled to the rope bridge, Nalbin and Prince Derendil caught up and shoved him over the edge. He missed the webs below, landing badly in the water below. After killing the other drow, the party dropped their corpses to the cavern floor far below.

Searching the room and that below it, you found a small armory and all of your equipment. Interestingly, you also found a tome called Volo's Guide to the Underdark. Relieved, you peeked out the door towards the rest of the outpost. A drow caught sight of Erdan, who quickly dropped and acted like he was cleaning. The performance was enough, as the drow sneered and moved beyond your sight.

Next, your party moved to the next stalactite tower, where they found a shrine to Lloth, the spider-queen deity of the drow. Erdan used tools to plug four pieces of polished obsidian from the immense spider statue. Varis headed down the stairs, where he found himself in the sleeping quarters of someone important. He called Blanton down to investigate the chest within, who found a needle trap. Disarming it, the two raided the contents of the chest.

Proceeding out, Erdan was seen by a Quaggoth. In an effort to distract the creature, Erdan motioned desperately back towards the initial tower, hinting at escape and alarm. The Quaggoth went and came back, roaring in alarm as it found the bloodstains of the first battle. That is when the full battle started.

Several Drow and Quaggoth emerged from multiple doors. Soon one of the elite Drow warriors plunged two swords into Varis' chest. Falling in a heap, he was barely saved by Nalbin before perishing. As more and more enemies joined the battle, the tide started to turn. Seeing the hopelessness of winning, the adventurers jumped over the platform ledge, landing the webs below. While attempting to attack, Prince Derendil was utterly killed. While escaping along the webs, one of the elite Drow warriors shot Erdan with a hand crossbow, nearly felling him before Varis stabilized him. Fleeing over the edge and traversing the webs downward, everyone else made it to the water far below on cavern floor.

Once you hit the water, however, you were sucked under by a powerful current. Pulled down into a shaft filled with fast-moving water, you found yourselves whipped away through the underdark. Some time later, battered and beaten, you pulled yourself up onto some rocks in a cavern. Next you must rest.

Despite your fatigue, you can't help but wonder: how will you make your way through this dangerous environment? You are utterly lost. How will you find your way back to the life you once knew? For now, such questions must wait. You need rest.


I love reading these bbp! Keep it up!

Freedom... and Death
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