Out of the Abyss

Into the Wet and Damp Darkness

After a full rest, you awoke to the drip, drip, drip of water nearby. Slowly, you realize this is not all a dream. You had been taken prisoner by the Drow. You had escaped through an underwater river. You had been deposited in this cave, exhausted and concerned about returning to the surface.

As your companions stirred, you took your rations and recuperated. There was some banter. Jimjar, coming nose to nose with Blanton, asked about his facial tattoos. "For the ladies," Blanton remarked. Once Buppido realized Nalbin was a priest, he excitedly asked about his teachings. After describing the dogma of Helm, Buppido burst out, saying "My dogma is to rule! Heh."

Next, you gathered your things. With Volo's Guide to the Underdark, you had a map you could follow. Your knew roughly where you were. However, you had no idea which direction was north, south, west or east. Essentially, you were lost. Yet, there was some hope. In this margins of the pages, you found notes obscurely detailing some landmarks in the surrounding area. Finding and correctly identifying them would let you triangulate not only your position, but direction in the Underdark. With that goal in mind, you set out.

The Region

As you progressed in this region of the Underdark, everything was wet and damp. Water dripped from the ceiling, water flowed from one pool cascading into another, swift rivers carved their way through caverns and raging rapids emerged in others. The stone in this area was colored in bands, ranging from near-white to yellow-brown, coppery red and dark orange. The caverns were filled with stalactites and stalagmites, sometimes thickly and sometimes sparsely. Dim emerald light occasionally shown in these caverns in the form of sickly looking lichen. Sometimes, you come across a huge mushroom towering to heights of 20 to 40 feet tall, but none smaller.

The Shrine

Soon enough, you came to a medium sized cavern that seem to contain a shrine. Words in some foreign dialect covered the shrine. But more archaic letters overwrote, spiraling out all the way out to cover even the cavern walls. A number of corpses were piled in the center of shrine: one drow, one duergar and one quaggoth.

After inspecting the location, you realized the original inscriptions were in goblin, reveling in sacrificing prisoners from a variety of races. The other script was abyssal, the language of demons and devils. The bodies in the shrine were sacrificed in some ritual. Given all this information, you were able to correlate this landmark to an entry in the book. It was a shrine to Fiery-Eyes, or Maglubiyet who is the dominant god of the goblins. Finding at least one landmark, you moved on.

The Water Globe

Wandering the caverns, you came upon a 30-wide globe of water suspended roughly 5 feet off the ground. Water poured off of it continuously, starting a number of streams and puddles that wandered off into the dark. Inside it, you could see a number of rocks swirling inside, caught in some kind of circuitous circuit. Elanelis surmised that it was likely a portal to the elemental plane of water.

Persuaded by Elanelis, Buppido edged forward until he jumped up and grabbed one of these rocks. While dextrous enough to grab the rock, he was not strong enough to resist the strong current on the surface of the water globe. He was quickly sucked in, where he swirled around in circles in the outermost layer before swimming out. He dropped to the rocky floor with a gap-toothed mad grin. Turning the 6" round rock to the side, it poured water out continuously. It seems it had been affected by its proximity to the portal. Distracting Buppido by getting him to look the other way, Elanelis used some sleight of hand to replace the rock gourd with a normal rock. Buppido grew frustrated and eventually threw the rock down, smashing it into a hundred scattered pieces on the ground.

Erdan then stepped forward, eyeing the globe. He tied a rope around his ankle and the other end around one of the stalagmites nearby. With that in place, he jumped fully into the globe. In quick succession, he grabbed the swirling rocks in the outermost layer. Then, he swam deeper in the globe. There, his luck failed him.

After attempting to unsuccessfully grab a number of stones, he tried to swim to the outermost layer. Caught in the strong currents, he tumbled in tight circles some fifteen feet deep in the water globe. Meanwhile, the 100 foot rope had yet to be pulled taut. It slowly was pulled up and into the globe of water. No one outside knew there was an issue until it was obvious Erdan would run out of air soon. With the companions desperately pulling the rope out of the globe, Nalbin caught sight of Erdan's head and cast destroy water at that location. Erdan took a huge gulp of air before the bubble was swept away. Soon after, Erdan was pulled out, coughing, sputtering and hacking.

After this experience, the group decided to move onward.

Recruiting Topsy and Turvey

You treked further into the Underdark, trying to find more landmarks to orient yourselfs on Volo's map. You made your way through a series of small rocky tunnels that, quite suddenly, emerged out into a huge abyss. Roughly evenly from your position across the abyss was a river that spilt out into a waterfall, its water falling into the darkness below. A series of ledges lined the abyss, leading to tunnels on the other side.

While traversing the ledges, a few of you noticed two small creatures hiding behind rocks. Once they saw you, they quickly made to leave. Jimjar called for them to stop in their native tongue. It seems they were Deep Gnomes, like Jimjar, if a bit more wild looking Eyeing you warily, they paused, but gave themselves enough distance to escape if necessary. With a spell, Elanelis made a noise from the tunnels nearest to them. Next thing they knew, they had backed up next to your party.

With Jimjar translating for the group, you started recruiting them to your group. Carefully inspecting them, you noticed from their ragged appearance that they too had been slaves. Asked about it, they confirmed they had been prisoners of the Duergar, the gray dwarves. It seemed that they too had been on the run. After promising to keep them safe and rationalizing with them that it would be better to be part of a group, they agreed to join you.

Showing them the map, they pointed and talked excitedly in their own language, as they identified some of the landmarks they had come across. Soon enough, you realized where you currently were and how to orient yourselves on Volo's map. 

There was some unfortunate news, however. It seems that Topsy and Turvey had seen Drow bands canvassing this area of the Underdark. It seems your former slavers were pursuing you.

Where to go?

Volo's map showed you not only your current location, but a number of settlements across the Underdark. After much discussion, you agreed to move towards Sloobludop, the closest location. It is popualted by the Kuotoa, a aggressive race of amphibious creatures. You thought to steal a boat there and cross the Darklake from there.

Ambushing the Chull

From there, you continued forward in your travels towards Sloobludop. Soon afterwards, Blanton returned from scouting forward. He told the group of what awaited in the next chamber. A number of very large crab-like creatures scurried around a cavern with several tiers of ledges that held pools of water.

After spending a few minutes organizing yourselves, you ambushed the creatures ferociously. During the long battle, Nalbin chanted and cast spells. Blanton show his bow and circumvented the creatures. Elanelis twirled, wall-walked and flipped while stabbing, bringing his bladedancing abilities to bear. Varis employed his spiked-shot skills. Erdan, after fumbling his weapon to harm himself, recovered and got in a few blows as well. Ront fought hard, but was near death. The rest of the group made up a veritable wall of arrows and bolts during the fight. Not long after, the four strange crab-creatures fell.

The Spoils

Exhausted, but excited, from your fight, you quickly investigated the things these creatures had been gathering. You found a number of useful, even magical, items.

That is where our session ended.


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