Out of the Abyss

The Massacre at Hilltop

It all started out so well.

There you were, sitting at the Riverbend Inn in Hilltop. A group of adventurers had recently saved the hamlets inhabitants from someone called the Umbral Lord, a shade-demon that had attempted to bring its domain into the Silver Marches. The barkeep happily brought ale after ale to the heroes. Townmaster Colmanus Ash couldn't stop thanking the group. All were relieved that disaster had been adverted.

Then, screams sounded outside. Goblins kicked in the door. 

The cunning creatures didn't pose much of a threat to the adventurers. To the citizens of the hamlet, however, they were deadly. They loosed arrows left and right, felling some immediately, before the warriors closed in one them. Many died in the first few moments. Then, the tide of the fight changed.

Into the Inn stepped several Drow.

Sneering while drawing their weapons, they advanced. They killed some nonchalantly while subduing others. Several adventurers died in quick succession. The drow in the back fired their hand crossbows with poison-tipped bolts, dropping people left and right. Soon enough, all of you dropped to the floor as darkness took you.


bigbluepaw bigbluepaw

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