Out of the Abyss

Toiling for the Drow

After collapsing from exhaustion, you woke up to clanging metal as a create slid shallow bowls of mushroom gruel under the bars of your slave pen. Looking around, you realized you had been split into three groups, each thrown in a separate prison.

After meeting the other prisoners, including Jimjar, Ront, Buppido and Prince Derendil, you quickly started discussing how you arrived and, more importantly, how you might escape. There were few options at the start.

Over the next 36 hours, Quaggoth came to escort you to perform menial tasks about the outpost, including filling water barrels, cleaning the Quaggoth caves, preparing food and moving rocks on the cavern floor. While doing so, you were able to steal or scavenge items that couple be of aid: a stone dagger, steel wire, a mushroom cap skin, a gold piece, a spider the size of a hand. Using these tools, you were able to jimmy the slave pen gate so it could not be closed. The Quaggoth nor the Drow noticed.

Escorting some of the prisoners back from their chores, the newly arrived Dwarven priest cast a spell, which was quickly absorbed by the slave pen. Having not already closed the gate to the slave pen, you rushed forth to quickly overwhelm the Drow, taking their keys, their weapons, their armor and their lives.

Having unlocked the last slave pen gate, your slave collars, your manacles and your iron belt, you stand at the precipice of freedom. Now, you must determine the best way to recover your items and steadily or violently find your way free of this place.


bigbluepaw bigbluepaw

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