Out of the Abyss

Descent into Darkness

Darkness. You wake up to darkness.

Soon, you realize there is a heavy cloth hood on your head, letting in little light. Judging by how little you can see, you suspect it is still night. Your hands are bound by chains that is connected to an iron belt around your waist. You have also been relieved of your belongings and stripped to your breeches.

Someone, with hatred in their voice, commands you in a language you can't understand. You are jerked to your feet, where a slave collar is snapped around your neck. It must be connected to a neck loop, as you feel the push and pull of others also connected to the same device. Others around you moan in pain or cry in despair.

Next, you hear another command, again in a language you don't understand. You hear a whip crack and suddenly, you are moving through the woods at a moderate pace. The neck loop sometimes jars you forward and sometimes chokes you as it holds you back. After an hour, you no longer feel grass below your feet, but hard stone. You slowly realize you are no longer on the surface.

The next amount of time is a blur. You can't tell if it has been hours or days, but you become exhausted and beaten. During the journey, you fall occasionally, choking on the slave collar as it threatens to hang you, but you catch yourself and get up. You stub your toes on hard rocks. When you dally, you are whipped on the backs of your legs. This becomes your trek: jostling, prodding, stumbling and choking.

Along the way, you come to recognize you are passing through different things. Sometimes, you are unbearably hot as you hear the burbling of some thick liquid. Other times, you are freezing cold as wind whips around your legs. In the distance, you often hear cries of creatures or the crash of a rockfall. Handfuls of sour mushroom-like squares shoved in your mouth occasionally, although you can’t tell if it is daily or less frequently. Water is poured in your mouth and haphazardly across your body a couple times a day.

Finally, after an unknown amount of time, you hear the drow cheer for reasons unbeknownst to you. In the distance, you hear the thunderous noise of a waterfall that grows louder with every second. Finally, you are stopped while you are unchained from the neck loop. As the hood is taken from your heads, you blink amidst weak light emitted from lanterns that seem to hold some kind of strange fungi. You are shoved into a small slave pen made of steel bars, perhaps 4 feet tall, making you crouch down. The smell of unwashed animals is strong. The eyes of various other creatures, those that also seem to be slaves, watch you from other pens.

You hit the hard stone floor, collapsing into a deeply troubled sleep.

The Massacre at Hilltop

It all started out so well.

There you were, sitting at the Riverbend Inn in Hilltop. A group of adventurers had recently saved the hamlets inhabitants from someone called the Umbral Lord, a shade-demon that had attempted to bring its domain into the Silver Marches. The barkeep happily brought ale after ale to the heroes. Townmaster Colmanus Ash couldn't stop thanking the group. All were relieved that disaster had been adverted.

Then, screams sounded outside. Goblins kicked in the door. 

The cunning creatures didn't pose much of a threat to the adventurers. To the citizens of the hamlet, however, they were deadly. They loosed arrows left and right, felling some immediately, before the warriors closed in one them. Many died in the first few moments. Then, the tide of the fight changed.

Into the Inn stepped several Drow.

Sneering while drawing their weapons, they advanced. They killed some nonchalantly while subduing others. Several adventurers died in quick succession. The drow in the back fired their hand crossbows with poison-tipped bolts, dropping people left and right. Soon enough, all of you dropped to the floor as darkness took you.

Prisoner of the Drow

Here's your introduction to our campaign.

Deep beneath the surface of the world lies the Underdark, a realm of endless labyrinthine tunnels and caverns where the sun never shines. The Underdark is filled with races and creatures too numerous to count or list, and foremost among these are the dark elves – the drow. Hated and feared even by their fellow dwellers in darkness, the drow raid other settlements in the Underdark as well as the surface world, taking prisoners back with them. Rendered unconscious with drow poison, then collared and shackled, these prisoners are eventually sold as slaves or entertainment in the dark elves' subterranean cities.

You have all had the misfortune of falling to such a fate. Captured by the drow, you are prisoners at one of the dark elves' outposts, awaiting transportation to Menzoberranzan, the City of Spiders. Whether you came into the Underdark seeking knowledge or fortune, or were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, you were ripe prey for a drow raid.


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