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The wiki for the campaign will provide more information out of Fantasy Grounds while we're between sessions. 

First, review the Considerations for Creating Your Character. I'll be employing some unusual systems in this campaign.

Second, become familiar with some of the homebrew rules we'll be using in the campaign.

Third, I know that you are often constrained with your personality traits, ideals, bonds and flaws with your background. So I went out and found a full list. You can select any one of these that you would like, irregardless of your background.

Fourth, you can take on a piece of your deity's dogma as an ideal.

Fifth, there are a few aspects of D&D 5e that we'll be using that you should be aware of, including:

Lastly, we'll be using custom rules for the following types of encounters. These are empty right now, but I'll be filling them out with actions you'll be able to take during them.


Main Page

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