Navigating, Traveling, Exploring, Tracking

This system will be used to govern success or failure of the party in the Underdark. Each individual in the party can take one of the following actions each day.

(1) Navigating or tracking determines the success or failure of the party make progress towards a destination or track quarry based on a guide's Wisdom (Survival) check.

(2) Deducing a location allows the party to orient themselves when they are lost, deducing their own location, or determine the location of a place that was lost or hidden based on an Intelligence (Investigation) check. This assumes there is some reference such as a book or map.

(3) Foraging or scavenging provides the party the chance they come across some kind of resource. Search is specific foraging for food and water based on a Wisdom (Survival) check, magical ingredients based on Intelligence (Investigation) check or equipment components  based on Intelligence (Nature) check.

(4) Actively searching for discoveries or shelter increases the chances that the party will happen across an unusual location, such as ruins, shrines, etc. or a protected shelter based on a Wisdom (Perception) check. Note that there is always a chance that the party will passively happen upon a discovery, even if it is not an individual's action. Further note that the individual must specify if they are looking for a discovery or shelter specifically.

(5) Scouting allows the party to avoid or sneak upon creatures or hazards based on the scout's Dexterity (Stealth) check. Success translates into the party's ability to avoid hazards, sneak upon, ambush or completely avoid creatures.

(6) Covering tracks or hiding in shelter enables the party to mislead or put more distance between themselves and any parties that may be pursuing them based on a Wisdom (Survival) check.

(7) Console Others allows the adventurer to reduce the stress of a number of characters equal to their Wisdom and Charisma modifiers divided by two and rounded up. The stress of the characters are reduced by d10.

(8) Assisting another allows them to roll their check with advantage. This action should be taken when success of the check is critical.

(9) Casting a spell can provide a wide variety of benefits to the party across navigating, tracking, searching, foraging and scavenging.

More actions, such as finding shelter, hiding from pursuers and others, will likely be added by the time the party uses the system.

Navigating, Traveling, Exploring, Tracking

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