Sanity (san-i-tee): Soundness of judgment.

Being captured and taken miles into the Underdark is a harrowing experience for anyone at anytime. But in this campaign, additional challenges arise. As your characters make their way, they will see and experience things that will assault their very sanity.

In the campaign, we'll track your character's stress as an index number. When it passes certain thresholds, your character has a mental crisis. When this happens, you will need to roll a Wisdom save. Succeed and your character maintains their sanity. Fail and your character will take on a mental quirk, which includes compulsions. In critical situations, these compulsions may come to the surface, forcing your character to succeed on an additional Wisdom save to resist them. As your stress level climbs, these mental quirks will be applied for longer and longer periods of time, eventually resulting in an indefinite madness.

Here are a few examples of mental quirks.

  • Egomania (Obsessed with self-worship).:In social encounter, roll Wisdom saving throw to avoid talking about themselves and losing their turn during each round.
  • Hieromania (Experiences religious visions and delusions.): During combat turn, roll Wisdom saving throw to avoid the compulsion to fall to your knees and pray, losing your turn.


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