The Travel Day

While in the Underdark, you'll be spending a good amount of time traveling. Here's how those days will break down and what happens in each segment of the day.

Morning (8AM-12PM) Spent traveling.
Afternoon (12PM-4PM) Spent traveling.
Evening (4PM-8PM) Spent eating, setting up camp and resting. Watch set up in turns.
Early Night (8PM-12AM) Spent sleeping. Watch set up in turns.
Deep Night (12AM-4AM) Spent sleeping. Watch set up in turns.
Early Morning (4AM-8AM) Spent resting, eating and breaking camp. Watch set up in turns.

 What is it important to distinguish between these segments of the day? Well, certain activities can only happen during certain segments of the day. Finding discoveries, foraging for food and water, scavenging for magical components or equipment components can only happen during the first three segments of the day. Those are the only segments of the day where you are changing locations.

During the other three segments of the day, there are chances of encountering creatures, with benevolent or malevolent intent, as well as hazards, including static ones like a dangerous bridge over magma or dynamic ones like a cave-in.

The Travel Day

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