Some details about the campaign.

Schedule and Duration: I expect the campaign to run a good 5+ months. I plan to start the campaign the week of March 6th. It will run weekly on one of the following days: Tuesdays, Thursday or Sundays.

Characters, New or Old: Characters will run up to 15th level. You can continue to use the current characters or create new ones. You now have a sense of my DMing style with navigation challenges, social encounters and more. You may want characters with different skill sets. Either way, I'll need all of you to spend a little more time developing the personality of your characters.

Homebrew Systems: I will be using new systems to track Sanity, which can result in mental detriments, as well as Piety, which can grant boons in the form of feats and advantages. I'll also be using a variant encumbrance system.

I've detailed a LOT more on the main page of the wiki, so check that out.

Out of the Abyss

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