Out of the Abyss

New Friends

The Disappearance of Buppido, Eldeth and Nalbin

It took a long solid rest to recover from your journey down the raging Underdark river. But after a hard night's sleep, you awoke refreshed.

For some of you, the break didn't bring much solace. Despite the relative safety of the rest, your stress only increased unabated. Something is influencing your sanity in this place. If some of your mental states keep progressing at this rate, something will inevitably happen. You are sure of it.

Beyond that, the other notable event was the disappearance of Buppido, Eldeth and Nalbin. Buppido, the deranged Derro, had been in your slave cell when you were taken prisoner by the drow. Eldeth, a dwarven scout from Gauntylgrim, and Nalbin, a priest of Helm, had been dumped into the same cell far back in Velkynvelve. Neither of the dwarves had shown any affinity for the Derro, making their simultaneous vanishing act all the more strange. Their tracks led east, yet your group decided to leave them to their own devices. Did they team up to head to Gauntylgrim, Buppido's home, which lay far to the west? Did they find some other means of travel?  At this point, you do not know. However, you have a feeling that you will discover their fate sometime soon.

Lost Days

Having packed up your belongings, you continued to head west towards Sloobludop, the Kuo Toa settlement on the shores of the Darklake. Varis led the way, as he had during most of this journey, while Blanton scouted forward to discern any threats. The day passed without any event. Yet, at the start of the next day, Varis realized he had been turned around in the Underdark. Downtrodden, he stated that they group had lost an entire day's progress towards Sloobludop. Determined, the group pressed forward.

Dragon Teeth and Claws

Later that same day, your group came upon a large side cavern litter with bones. Some were of giant sized humanoids. Some were of a large four legged creature with wings. Yet others were smashed to pieces, laying in the center. Yet more were scribed with runes, laying off to the side.

Fearful of an attack, your group moved slowly but surely into the cave. Elanelis and Erdan were immediately drawn to the large four legged skeleton, which they quickly identified as the remains of a dragon. Erdan hurriedly moved to the skeleton's exposed mouth to pry out a set of teeth. The first attempt failed, with the teeth cracking into shards that fell at your feet. The second attempt, however ended with success. Two teeth now lay in Erdan's pouch. He then quickly moved to recover a coupled claws from the skeleton's foot. A few minutes later, he came away with a pair.

Duergar and their Prisoners

Moving on, your party left the bone-filled cavern behind to continue on the trek. Late in the afternoon, you came into a cavern that was overtaken with battle. Across a fast moving river, a number of Duergar fought a large demon and several smaller ones. The small space filled with the smell of sulfur as weapon impacts and roars broke the silence. Off the side, a human, a tiefling and a small mushroom creature emerged from cages. You could only assume they were prisoners.

Wasting no time, the group waded into the battle. Flanking the duergar, Erdan, Ront and Varis dropped crushing blows. Elanelis nimbly traversed a series of rock columns to land on the far side of the demon. At one point, one of the gray dwarves tried to push Erdan into the river, only to fail. Erdan quickly turned the tables, however, flipping the duergar into the river where he was washed to the far end. The human called out his support of Ront and others. The tiefling chanted rites to a deity and seemed to bless the fighters.

In the midst of the fight, one of the duergar pleaded with the party to help slay the abyssal demon, only to have it disappear a moment later. Your group turned their full attention to the gray dwarves then. Elanelis, casting a sleep spell, put two more to sleep. Two of the duergar turned tail and fled into the caverns. Then, the demon reappeared, quickly landing a horrifying blow on Blanton. The tielfing quickly raised a hand towards the injured elf, healing him from a distance.

That left the group battling the demons. Focusing their attacks on the large gorilla outsider, the party quickly brought the creature down. Once slayed, it melted into black liquid that evaporated into foul smelling vapors. Once that was gone, there was no trace of the monster.


With the threats disposed and catching your breath, you scan the room quickly. On one side, there are four elves (Elanelis, Varis, Erdan and Blanton), three deep gnomes (Jimjar, Topsy and Turvey) and a orc (Ront). On the other side are a human (Lancel), a tiefling (Ralxus) and a small mycondid (Stool). 

You sit there, staring at one another, waiting for the other to speak.


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