Dogmas of Neutral Aligned Forgotten Realm's Gods

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Actions count. Intentions and thought are one thing, but it is the result that is most important. Talk is for others, while those who serve Gond do.

Make new things that work. Question and challenge the unknown with new devices. New inventions should be elegant and useful.

Practice experimentation and Innovation, and encourage these virtues and others. Become skilled at some crafts, and practice making things until you can create devices to suit any situation.

Keep records of your strivings ideas and sample devices so that others may follow your work improve on what you leave behind 


Lawful Neutral

Protect the week, four, injured, and young, and do not sacrifice them for others or yourself.

Demonstrate excellence and purity of loyalty in your role as a guardian and protector. 

Anticipate attacks and be ready. Know your foes. Careful planning always to feel rushed actions in the end.

Never betray your trust. 

Be vigilant. Stand, wait and watch carefully.

Be fair and diligent in the conduct of your orders. Always obey orders, providing those orders follow the dictates of Helm.

Care for your weapons so that they may perform their duties when called upon.


Lawful Neutral

Recognize that death is a part of life. It is not ending but a beginning, not a punishment but a necessity. Death is orderly process without the conceit, concealment, randomness.

Help others die dignity at their appointed time and no sooner. 

Speak against those that artificial prolong their life against natural limits, such as the undead.

Do honor to the dead, for their strivings in life brought Faerun to where it is now. Forgetting them is to forget where we are now, and why. 

Let no human die a natural death without one of his clerics at their side.



The raw knowledge of ideas is supreme. An idea has no weight, but it can move mountains. The greatest gift of humankind, an idea outweighs anything made by mortal hands.

Hiding knowledge away from others is never a good thing. Stifle no new ideas, no matter how false and crazed they seem; rather let them be heard and considered.

Spread knowledge wherever it is prudent to do so. (Examples include writing or copying lore of great value at least once a year and give it away, sponsoring and teaching bards, scribes, and record keepers as well as teaching reading and writing to those who ask, if your time permits, and charge no fee for the teaching.)

Never slay a singer, never stand by as others do so.

Spread truth and knowledge so that all folk know more. Never deliver a message falsely or incompletely. Curb and deny falsehoods, rumor, and deceitful tales whenever you encounter them.


Chaotic Neutral

Spread the teachings of the Helping Hand by example. Work to promote him among traders, especially those who seek out new lands and new opportunities.

Unearth and resanctify ancient shrines of Shaundakul.

Aid those in need, and trust in the helping hand.

Ride the wind, and let it take you wherever it blows. Journey to distant horizons. Seek out the riches of the earth and the sea. Be the first to see the rising sun, the mountain peaks, the Lush valleys. Let your footsteps fall where none have tread. 



Silvanus sees and balances all, meeting at wild water and drought, fire and ice, life and death. All is in the cycle, deftly and beautifully balanced.

It is the duty of the devout to see this cycle and the sacred balance as clearly as possible. Make others see the balance in work against those that would disturb it.

Watch, anticipate, and quietly manipulate.

Hold your distance and taken the total situation comma rather than latching on to the popular idea of what is best.

Resort to open confrontation only when pressured by time or hostile action.

Kill only when needful, and destroy fire and its employers 

Fight against the felling of forest, banish disease whenever you find it, defend the trees, and plant new flora whenever possible.


Chaotic Neutral

Tempest does not win battles, he helps the deserving warrior win battles.

War is fair in that it impresses and aids all equally. It should not be feared, but seen as a natural force, the storm brought by civilization.

Remember the dead that fell before you. Disparage no foe and respect all, from valor blazes in all regardless of age, sex, or race.

Consider the consequences of the violence of war, and do not wage war recklessly. Slay one foe decisively and halt a battle quickly rather than rely upon slow attrition. Retreat from hopeless fights, but never avoid battle.

Arm all for whom battle is needful, even foes.

Tempest looks with favor upon those that acquit themselves honorably in battle that resorting to craven tricks.

This smooth tongue that avoid all strife wreak more harm than the most energetic tyrant. 



To worship Waukeen is to know wealth.

Mercantile trade is the best road to enrichment.

Increasing the general prosperity by even greater civilization and happiness for intelligent folks worldwide, bringing people closer to the golden age that lies ahead 

Give money freely to beggars and businesses, for the more coin everyone has, the greater their urge to spend and trade rather than horde.

Destroy no trade goods, raise no restrictions on trade, and propagate no malicious rumors that will harm someone's commerce.

To guard your funds is to venerate her, and just share them well seeds your future successes.

Dogmas of Neutral Aligned Forgotten Realm's Gods

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