Considerations for Developing Your Character

To start, be aware of the following things when developing the character's personality.

  1. I suggest selecting a Deity for your character. Boons granted from Piety are granted from taking actions aligned to your Deity's dogma.
  2. You can select a couple Ideals from the Player's Handbook (PHB) and Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide (SCAG). Additionally, you can select items from your deity's dogma. Here are the dogmas of good aligned deities and those of neutral aligned deities. Using this latter approach, and acting it out, will help with your character's Piety.
  3. I suggest that we each start up a private thread in the forums to develop some kind of Bond for your character. Escaping the Underdark will be a grueling (but fun) endeavor. You'll need some real reason to get back to the surface.
  4. Selecting a Flaw is also important. Ideally, this should conflict with one of your Ideals or Bonds. As a DM, I won't abuse it, but I would like something to work with.

Additionally, there are a few more things to keep in mind.

  • Piety, which is basically proof of alignment of ideals between your character and their deity, will manifest in boons.
  • Inspiration, a d4 die that you can add to any attack, damage, skill attempt and a lot more, is granted when your character acts out their personality (ideals, bonds, flaws) in a situation of significance.
  • Sanity is a measure that will be tracked and affected by what you experience in this campaign. If it becomes too high, your character will have a mental crisis (a Wisdom save avoids this) with potentially prolonged mental and physical results. Prolonged mental issues manifest as compulsions to say, act and do things out of a player's control.
  • This campaign will use a variant encumbrance system. Be aware of the implications.

Considerations for Developing Your Character

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