Encumbrance System

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I've added links to a couple examples at the bottom of this post.

We'll be using a variant encumbrance system for this campaign. It is primarily based on the following graphic.

The Basics

Here's how it works.

  • The system is based on containers, which can really represent anything the player desires. A container might be a backpack, a belt with large buckled pouches, pants with pockets down the legs or anything else.
  • Each container is split into three medium spaces.
  • Your character’s equipment comes in negligible (0 spaces), small (1 spaces), medium (2 spaces) and large (3 spaces) sizes.
  • A tenday’s worth of rations takes up 1 space. A day's worth of water (a gallon) takes up 1 space. Longswords and shields are large items, therefore taking up 3 spaces or 1 container.
  • Armor fills up one container per weight tier. Therefore, light armor takes up 1 container, medium armor takes up 2 containers and heavy armor takes up 3 containers.

Your Character's Containers

Your determine the number of containers for your character using the following rules.

  • You start with five containers worth of storage. Add your Strength and Constitution modifiers. For example, a Constitution of 14 provides a +2, so add two
  • Add or subtract your size that is bigger or less than medium. For example, halflings and gnomes are small, so subtract one.

Keep the following in mind as well.

  • Half your containers, rounded down, can be accessible at any one time. Mark these as appropriate and make them reasonably realistic.
  • Create top level and subgroupings within Fantasy Grounds to match this system.


Here are a few examples to illustrate how this all works.

Encumbrance System

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